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Milestones in United States History

November is designated as National Native American Indian Month to honor the first Americans and their contributions to this country. Dr. Arthur C. Parker, who was a Seneca Indian, requested a day to honor Native Americans. On September 28, 1915, President Calvin Coolidge issued a proclamation that the second Saturday in May would be dedicated to the first people of the United States. The first state celebration of "American Indian Day" started in New York in 1916, but the month long celebration of Native Americans began in 1990 when President George H. W. Bush designated November as "National American Indian Heritage Month."

We also celebrate Veteran's Day on November 11th to recognize all Americans who have served in the Armed Forces in the past and are still alive. It was formerly known as Armistice Day. In 1938 it was made a legal Federal holiday and in 1954 the name was changed to Veteran's Day.

On November 15, 1777, the Articles of Confederation were approved. This document was the first constitutional agreement of the thirteen colonies, now states. It included the preamble and 13 articles approved by Congress at the time.

President Abraham Lincoln also gave his Gettysburg address during the month of November. This speech, on November 19, 1863, was given at the dedication of the Soldier's National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. During this address, Lincoln states that "The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here," words which couldn't be further from the truth.

Thanksgiving, of course, is one of our most well-known American holidays during November. Every year, on the fourth Thursday of the month, we celebrate the bountiful harvest and good fortune of the early settlers. It was with the help of the Native Americans that they were able to enjoy this. The first national celebration of Thanksgiving on November 26, 1789 was proclaimed by George Washington. In 1941, Franklin D. Roosevelt designated the fourth Thursday of the month as Thanksgiving Day.

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