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National Park and Recreation Month

Most people will say that parks are fun, especially kids. Summer brings the nice weather to hike, bike, take walks, picnic and enjoy all the things our parks have to offer. But, did you know going to parks is good for your physical and mental health?

Besides just the enjoyment you get from these parks, the NRPA reports that:

  • Active users of public parks have a lower body mass index (BMI)
  • People who visit parks for longer periods of time (one hour or more) have significantly lower systolic blood pressures
  • Park users who are more physically active and who make frequent contact with friends during their leisure time report feeling depressed less often
  • Citizens who have better access to parks, visit parks more frequently, and engage in physically-active park behaviors also make fewer visits to the doctor

Your Park! Your Health! Video

So, check out your local park and see what kinds of activities they have planned for this special celebration!

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