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BASCOM Faculty Room Offers Free Resources for Educators

BASCOM is an industry leader in educational technology. Since 1996, we've specialized in web filtering solutions for safely using the Internet for learning. We support education by providing BASCOM Faculty Room, a comprehensive Internet resource of online tools. These free resources for educators are available anytime, anywhere by visiting

Educational Monthly Celebrations

Each month, BASCOM Faculty Room features educational monthly celebrations with teacher-selected content for EC, E, M, and HS. Our BASCOM Educational Specialists handpick high quality instructional resources including videos and educational sites to support these celebrations. Educators are then able to use these to build their own lesson plans.

Educational Content and Faculty Resources

In addition to the educational monthly celebrations, BASCOM Faculty Room delivers a variety of online resources for Classroom Teachers, Library Media Specialists, Administrators, and Guidance Counselors. For example, there are resources for a broad range of topics and subjects, such as: CDOS, Early Childhood, ELA, ESL, Foreign Languages, Math, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Science, the Arts, and more. Online tools such as graphic organizers and rubrics are also available.

Library Media Specialists are provided a variety of resources, such as: Professional Associations and Online Journals with additional tools for building Library Skills and learning about Internet Safety.

Guidance Counselors can access online resources for Crisis Intervention, Grief Counseling, and College Planning, including Reference Sites for Colleges, College Admissions, and Financial Aid.

Learn More about Web Filtering for Schools

BASCOM supports education by providing the Faculty Room, a free resource for educators. Since 1996, we've specialized in web filtering solutions for PK-12. To learn more about BASCOM and our solutions, fill out a contact form or call us today at 1.888.922.2726 to schedule your personal demo.

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